Blog Revamp

On a recent trip to London I spent the long flight trying to sleep but instead had my mind focused on the blog. I have been in a recent revamping stage (if you have not notices) and have been thinking of ways to relate my blog to the real way that women dress.
Sure, bloggers get invites to fashion shows and showrooms, we get behind the scenes sneak peaks and get to see it all first but, at the end of the day we are all just real people with a love for fashion.
I realize it's unrealistic to have a new outfit everyday, as a teacher by day I don't have unlimited funds to work with but, I am great at mixing and matching! Yes, I wear my stuff over and over and use the same handbags in posts but, all of this makes me real.
Follow me, follow my love for fashion and the city and I will share with you how a real girl mixes and matches items in her closet as I take on the world of fashion (with a NY size closet).