Samilynn Jewelry

A few months ago I had the chance to preview the Fall line of Jewelry created by designer Samantha, a mother of 3 and lover of jewelry.  Based out of California, Samilynn Jewelry fuses the natural elements of existing pieces with carefully selected stones and accents. Samilynn Jewelry is classic elegance with a decidedly contemporary edge and each piece was to die for!

                               Check out my interview Samantha, to learn more about the designer behind the line!

1. When I get dressed in the morning I try to be balanced.  As a mom to 3 young boys and the owner and designer of a newly launched jewelry line, I have to mesh fashion with practicality.   When choosing an outfit I also think about balancing colors, textures and lines.  If I slip on bright green skinny pants then I'll complete the look with a simple black T and an edgy, long necklace.  If I'm wearing a flowy dress,a stack of my chunky bracelets pairs nicely. The last thing I do is pile on fun, sparkly rings.

2. The clothing item I'm currently wearing the most are MTNG Originals "Annie" colorblock sandals.  The cork sole makes them comfortable for running around after my kids, but they also look great with shorts, long dresses, and boyfriend jeans.   The colorblock black & white keep them simple but interesting.

3. How did you decide to become a jewelry designer? I didn't really decide to become a jewelry designer, it just happened.  I've always been creative and artistic.  I was a personal chef for many years and love mixing unexpected flavors and textures in my food.  One day I found myself playing around in my jewelry drawer mixing newer pieces with vintage finds.  I created new pieces to wear  and Samilynn Jewelry was born!  

4. When I'm looking to get inspired I go to spin class.  I love the dark room, the dance music and the endorphin rush.  The motivational teachers at Soul Cycle push me to work hard in all aspects of my life.  Some of my best jewelry ideas come to me while I'm spinning because I have time to clear my mind.

5. My guilty pleasures are cheddar cheese popcorn and designer shoes on sale... in no particular order!

6. If you looked in my handbag you'd always find an assortment of crazy things...anything from a fabulous strand of beads for my new necklace design to a pair of my kid's socks.  I'm usually carrying around a snack, a Nars lip pencil and bobby pins to pull back my curly hair.

To shop the designs head over to Samilynn Jewelry