Life is Good

Stay Gold Fade Out Tank $32

Love Fade Out Tank $32

Hello Sunshine Fade Out Tank $32

I love a company that supports a great cause and last week I was introduced to Life is Good, a Boston based company that set up a showroom for the day in the Flatiron district in NY. Started by two brothers in the 90's, Life is Good developed from a street selling tee (think College dorm) to a lifestyle tee with positive vibes (and great materials).
Life is Good donates 10% of its net profits to help kids in need through The Life is Good Kids Foundation. The Life is good Kids Foundation is a non profit organization established by Life is Good to raise money for kids in need. Through Life is Good's efforts since 2007, the company has helped raise more than $11 million to support kids in need. 

Summer is a great time to say it with a tee, bring some positives vibes into your life with these fun life filled tanks!