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Q&A with Nicole Lenzen

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

I met the talented Nicole Lenzen a few months back at Made fashion week in New York City. I attended the opening of the pop up shop and got to browse the racks and chat with Nicole about what inspires her. SO what inspires the Brooklyn based designer? Check it out below!

1. When I get dressed in the morning...
I pick out my outfit based around how I want to feel that day. Typically that means channeling confidence (we're all still fighting the good fight, right?!). But choosing which vein of that is where it becomes interesting. Some days that means bold and edgy, others soft and playful. I strongly believe that what you wear, especially as women, can very much empower you. And I don't mean through suggestive or showy items - comfort through a perfect fit, expression of personal style, or just wearing a unique piece can provide all the assurance (and compliments!) you need (and deserve!). 

Erin Dress

2. The clothing item I'm currently wearing the most is...
The Erin Dress from my collection. It's really versatile - I can play the feminine angle and compliment it with a soft crocheted sweater and tights, or go hard-line with metal jewelry and leather booties, or just wear it simply on its own. Plus it's super comfortable in stretch silk georgette, and was great for my recent trip to Hong Kong to easily transition from work meetings to evening dinner or dancing, and then a quick hand-wash and hang-dry to start all over again!

3. When did you decide you wanted to become a fashion designer and how did you get started...
My path has been anything but straightforward. I learned to sew with my mom growing up, but then pursued a degree in computer science. When I wasn't creatively fulfilled enough working my day job in Silicon Valley, I started moonlighting as a costume designer for local performers. Realizing how much I enjoyed creating clothing, upon getting laid off during the first dot com bust, I took the opportunity to go back to school for design, pattern making, and haute couture sewing. Upon graduation I made custom wedding gowns for years, then moved to NY to freelance for a variety of different fashion labels before launching my ready-to-wear collection. 

4. When I'm looking to get inspired I...
Wander and explore. I like biking around cities to cover unknown territory and snap random photos - it's all in the details for me. I also really enjoy seeing the work of other artists, designers, and craftsmen, particularly those in mediums in which I don't typically work. I greatly admire ingenuity applied to any form, and am always inspired by creatives who have been able to succeed without compromising their viewpoint. 

6. My guilty pleasure is…
Dark chocolate and champagne, just a little bit of decadence! 

7. If you looked in my handbag you'd always find…
An extra pair of shoes! Living in NY and always being on the run from one thing to the next usually means carrying anything from fancy heels to bike-friendly flats to dance shoes for practicing a solo jazz routine.
To shop Nicole's couture and ready to wear dresses visit her online shop: Nicole Lenzen
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