Scarves that Pop

I hooked up with Natalie via her scarf company Natalie May that I fell in love with immediately after seeing her creations online through her Etsy shop. I am always trying to convince my clients to add patterns and color to their wardrobe via accessories and Natalie's scarves are the perfect addition to any outfit! a price point under $50 they make the perfect gifts!

Want to know a little more about the designer? Here is a peek into her life:

When I get dressed in the morning...definitely go with how I'm feeling that day... most days
it's skinny jeans and flats but there are days when wedges and a maxi skirt make an appearance. 
The clothing item I'm currently wearing the most is... My scarves! I have a lot of great basics in my wardrobe so I usually design scarves to add a a pop of color or a feminine touch to an outfit. 
A beautiful accessory can make such a big difference in your outfit.

Photos via Julia Kellett

When did you decide you wanted to enter the world of Fashion and how did you get 
started... As a young child I taught myself to sew and developed a passion for creating beautiful things out of scraps of fabric or whatever I could get my hands on. I maintained this passion as an adult and am so incredibly blessed to be doing what I love and am passionate about. 
When I'm looking to get inspired I... go to the fabric store, I love to look around at all the bolts of fabric and consider the possibilities of what they could become.

My guilty pleasure is… The Real House Wives, I just can’t help myself… don’t judge me. Anything chocolate, vanilla ice cream with hot fudge and Coffee Beanery's light white chocolate mocha. 
If you looked in my handbag you'd always finda snack, usually an apple (or two) I can get a little "hangry" (Natalie's combo or hungry and angry) if I don’t eat frequently. A teasing comb, I love me some big hair.

For more on Natalie visit her Etsy Shop follow her on Facebook and on Instagram