Dee Hutton & Verdura

Nedenia Hutton Craig surrounded with her custom made designs

Duke Fulco Di Verdura with Coco Chanel

Cuffs by Verdura

History mixed with innovation at the Dee Hutton show hosted at Verdura on Fifth Avenue in NYC. Dee Hutton was started by designer Nedenia Hutton Craig and her business partner Stephanie Brag as a designer collection for women that honors the old world craftsmanship and intimate customer experience of sumptuous atelier salons. Offering clothing for the current season in a variety of colors and fabrics, and delivered to customers within weeks, DEE HUTTON provides a contemporary model of luxury made-to-order for a new generation of style-setters.
Last week I got to preview the second collection at the wonderful Verdura office, Verdura  is a fine jeweler and specialty retailer, whose merchandise assortment is based primarily on the fabrication of jewelry from the archives of Duke Fulco Di Verdura. Also included in this extensive selection of Verdura jewelry are vintage and estate, as well as timepieces and a sterling silver gift collection. The designs all had this magical ethereal look to them and mixed perfectly with the timeless and classic jewels of Verdura.