Nolcha Runway: Recap

About two weeks ago I posted that I was all about the moto jacket and the runway at Nolcha fashion week ended with the perfect pieces that caught my eye. Reminiscent of the days of CGBG, Christian Brenner brought punk back to NY making a statement on the runway. With a long career in the Fashion Industry, Brenner is here to stay. His career began as a visual merchandiser for Victoria's Secret continued on as he became a lead stylist and sales head at the vintage retailer What Goes Around Comes Around. Brenner started to become the most sought after creators in New York City’s cut throat underground fashion scene. Brenner masters the art of taking existing pieces: rock tees and leather goods and redesigns them. He has the ability to revive what is old and give them a new life for a one of a kind completely desirable look.

For more on the designer visit his website Christian Benner Custom and become a part of the underground NY scene.