Miami Beach Jewels

One fun perk about being a blogger is getting to interview designers and getting to know them on a personal level! This past week I had the opportunity to do an exclusive interview with Liza Schwartz the designer behind the Miami based jewelry line. Since Liza was a little girl she loved making jewelry and wearing her designs. Her friends would complement her on her designs and ask if she could replicate her designs so that they can wear them too. Liza got into jewelry the old fashion way- she got a permit from the city of Miami Beach and started selling jewelry on Ocean Drive. Selling her jewelry was a huge success- the rest, is history! I had Liza fill in the blanks in this fun interview- get to know the designer a little better...

Sobe Bedazzle Triple Wrap Bracelet $108

When I get dressed in the morning…First thing I put on is a smile on my face and try to make it a positive day.

The clothing item I'm currently wearing the most is... 
Scarves! They are soft, cozy, and fashionable!

The most meaningful piece of jewelry I own is...These Pearl earrings my Baba (grandma who passed away) got me. When I wear them I feel like she is always with me.

 When I'm looking to get inspired I… put on my headphones and take a run along the beach.
My guilty pleasure is…Sleeping in on the Weekends.
If you looked in my handbag you'd always find…Sunglasses and Mints.
The Hot Lips $78
Evil Eye Bracelet $38
The Sobe Metallic Mix $138
The Black Bar Bracelet $175
Evil Eye Bracelet $38