To Be Charmed & Chained

Lately I have been weeding through my jewelry box picking out those tarnished items and chucking them to the trash. If you are anything like me, you are sick of the cheap jewelry that turns your fingers green and are ready to trade up to the next level.
 Joey J Jewelry is known for its 14k gold over sterling silver and blackened designs featuring pieces accented by sparkling cubic zirconia & labradorite stones. Their slogan “To be Charmed & Chained” gives Joey J. a playful and appealing twist to the brand that is right up my alley! The brand was created by Joanne Joseph to reflect her multi ethnic background. Her passion for jewelry grew through her extensive travels and exposure to culturally diverse cities throughout the world. This sparked her inspiration to convey a day to night look by implementing delicate detailed motifs with a unique, edgy and sophisticated twist. Well, I for one have some room in my jewelry box for these sophisticated pieces, take a look at a few of my favorites below...

1.Glamorous Romance: Earrings $155
2.Glamorous Romance: Ring $80 
3.Glamorous Romance: Bracelet $100 
4.Glamorous Romance: Earring $108
5. Glamorous Romance: Necklace $108 
6.Glamorous Romance: Bangle $198