Stylist Spotlight

 Last week I was contacted by Keaton Row  to be featured on their blog in a stylist spotlight. I am so excited to be featured and love working with their team- it has truly been a great experience! Check out the interview below: 

During this week’s Stylist Spotlight we spoke with Sara Berman about her Keaton Row experience, her blog and her passion for fashion from a young age.
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How did you hear about Keaton Row?
I heard about Keaton Row from a close friend that knew I had a blog and was into fashion. She and I were friends since we were 8 so she knew it would be a great fit.
What made you want to be a personal stylist for Keaton Row?
I started in fashion after graduating FIT. I found it to be a very competitive market and the instability did not work for me at the time. After making a career change to education, I was eager to keep my passion alive. I established a blog and then from their always kept an eye out for opportunities that came my way. When my friend introduced me to Keaton Row I was immediately intrigued and felt it suited my passion well.
Has fashion always been an interest of yours?
I grew up on Fashion. In my moms memories- she would buy me outfits and I would have fits (not that she doesn’t have great taste I just has my own style from an early age) Everything had to be just so! I grew up cutting out fashion pictures from magazines, collaging them and saving them in fashion files.
How has your Keaton Row experience been so far?
I am constantly growing and learning from being part of the Keaton Row team, I love reaching out to my clients and connecting on a one to one level- learning about their different styling needs and being able to help them reach their goals.
Have their been any milestones you’ve hit or any client experiences you have had that have been particularly rewarding?
I got a message from one of my clients telling me how she had received so many compliments on one of the outfits I styled for her. Hearing this truly touched me and made me smile-knowing that I was able to help her and get her the positive results she was looking for.
You also have a fashion and beauty blog, Fashinny.  How long have you been blogging, and how do you come up with the ideas and inspirations behind each post?
I have been blogging for a few years now, I started as an outlet writing posts that connected me to the fashion world. After I started getting some positive feedback I was encouraged to continue and push myself harder. This year I have been working hard at branding myself and making connections with companies around New York. I really enjoy finding new designers that are just starting to make it and form a working relationship with them. Their will and work ethic inspires me and I enjoy helping them get the word out about their company.
If you weren’t involved in fashion what would you be doing instead?
Since during the day I am teaching, after work becomes my time to kick off my flats, put on my heels and really explore my passion. Blogging and styling really connects me to what I love and introduced me to this whole new world of networking and making great connections with others.

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