Victoria Bekerman

Victoria in her Manhattan studio

I met the wonderful Victoria Bekerman at Nolcha Fashion Week NYC and fell in love with her stunning line of hand made jewelry. I was so intrigued by her designs that we set up a meeting at her studio for a peek behind the scenes.

Victoria came to NY from Argentina in search of something new after leaving behind the life she knew working in a law firm. Upon her arrival in NYC she started to sell belts on the streets of Soho made in Argentina by her sister. As time went on she added to the collection and began selling her friends jewelry line made of fused glass and silver. This started to spark the creative side of Victoria, and she started to create some of her own pieces to add to her cart in Soho. As she began selling her own stuff, she realized that people really liked it inspiring her to take the next step and enroll in a jewelry making course in NYC. She started at Studio Jewelers- a 6 month super intensive program that gave her the basic skills of jewelry making and then she went on to fine tune her skills at FIT.  In 2010 Victoria launched her line Victoria Bekerman reflecting her clean and minimalistic style. Victoria sources all of her materials in NY, some pieces are vintage and some are bought from warehouses in NY.

Inside the studio- piecing it all together!
What's interesting about Victoria is that she does not sketch her ideas. Instead she loves to play with the pieces in the same way a clothing designer drapes their fabric, she loves to see how the pieces move and fit together- and she does it perfectly! Victoria is inspired by NYC, she comes from a small 
city in Buenos Aires where everyone "plays it safe" in terms of fashion. She finds NYC to be an explosion of colors, shapes, sounds and fashion and being in the center of it all is what inspires her!

Want to know more or place an order for some of her fabulous items? Check out her website Victoria Bekerman and discover a true talent!