Karo Swimwear

Kasia and one of her models at the Nolcha Fashion Show held in NYC
Kasia was introduced to the world of fashion at a young age, her father was her teacher and mentor as a child in my introduction to "doll fashion". She loved the creativity in it and when it was time  to go to school she attended fashion design school. After emigrating to the US Kasia found herself disconnected from designing and lost her interest in fashion. Then, a whole bunch of life changes directed her back to the field.

A little over two years ago she started modeling for a few designers and that refreshed her passion. After a few shoots and shows with various designers she knew she wanted to go back to school and get started in the field again. Then shortly after that she lost her father and her world completely crashed. Kasia relied on friends and her trainer to get her started again. She confided in her trainer that she also considered a good friend and admitted that she wanted to get back into the world of fashion. As Kasia revealed her story to her friend, her friend suggested she get started in sportswear or swimwear, and that is where it all began!

I entered the world of swimwear because I found it was difficult to find pieces that fit me. I wanted to incorporate jewels and gems into my designs to make swimwear more glamorous. The first suit I made with jasper stones- it took my 3 days to make and was supposed to be a practice suit but it came out so cool that I ran into my husband at 3am and woke him up to show him the piece. After that the ideas were flowing through my mind at all times. Instead of 10 pieces that I planned making I made about 20 this season.

My trainer told me one day that the day we had the conversation of re-entering the fashion world that my dad was talking through her that day...That was just the push I needed to kick start my career.

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