Hot Pairings

 There is nothing like enticing the public with a great collaboration....Author Emily Liebert brings pure genius to the book world by pairing her newly released book You Knew Me When with an exclusive trio of Zoya nailpolish colors based on the characters in the book. You Knew Me When is Emily Liebert's debut novel however, she is no stranger to the media and publishing world. Emily has worked at ABC, WAG magazine, and she has freelanced for multiple media outlets writing lifestyle articles.

Zoya Nailpolish Trio $24
You Knew Me When $11.41
I have been carrying this book around with me all week reading it whenever I can (on the subway, at starbucks...a NYC gal on the go). You Knew Me When makes a great gift for the holidays especially with the nailpolish pairing! Look for it on my gift guide that will be published in November!

                                                                                             For more on Emily visit her website Emily Liebert.