Shark Week Jewels

It's officially SHARK WEEK!
While it's always fun watching all the different coverage, no shark week is complete without your Shark gear and accessories!

Here are some perfect jewelry pieces for all the "fin-actics" out there!

Labradorite Gemstone Chain with Genuine Fossilized Shark Teeth.


Black Onyx Diamond Cut Beads with a Gold-Filled Agate Slice and Fossilized Shark Tooth.

Vermeil Chain with Fossilized Shark Tooth Crystal Pendant

Oxidized Sterling Silver Ring with Actual Shark Tooth Cast

Real Shark Tooth Cast pendant available in Gold, Rhodium, Bronze, or Ruthenium

Real Shark Tooth Cast available in Gold, Rhodium and Bronze.

Blue Acrylic Stone with Plated Shark Tooth Pendant