Ethereal Jewels

Sarah Richey was born creative. As a child, she made wallets out of bubble gum wrappers and would scavenge her family farm for fossils, bones, stones, and butterfly wings in which she would later use to create art pieces. 
In 2008, while living in Nashville, TN and while working towards a Bachelors Degree in Studio Art at Belmont University, Sarah decided to capitalize on her creativity. Her passion for jewelry design led her to start her own business – Sarah Richey Jewelry. Her first collection debuted exclusively at different trade shows in the United States and quickly expanded to luxury retailers throughout the United States.

Every piece in the Sarah Richey Jewelry collection is inspired by raw, beautiful elements found in nature. Drawing on the strong desire to create an organic elegance, Richey has sourced natural materials from across the globe – including shells and coral pieces from Florida and Italy as well as twigs from Central park. 

In 2010, Sarah moved to Soho in New York to fully commit to her growing jewelry line. She began holding trunk shows across the U.S. and Europe and traveled continuously to find inspiration for her new pieces.  Her current collection consists of pieces for both men and women, and she even has a small engagement collection. Antler tips, meteorites and coral are just some of the unique materials being used in Sarah’s designs. Celebrities including Taylor Swift and Kelly Clarkson have shopped Sarah's collection. 

Prices range from $80-$1300.