Designer Spotlight: Sarah Richey

This past week I was fortunate enough to have the time to sit down with Sarah Richey at her studio in NY and interview her on her fabulous jewelry line. In the age of imitation, everyone in NY is searching for something unique and Sarah Richey's jewelry line is just that.  So what is unique about her company? The line is all based from nature which is fabulous within itself! Sarah uses a lot of casting work utilizing anything from sea life to branches from Central Park. Sarah also uses a lot of wax designs that mimic wood bark or anything related to the nature aesthetic.

Cast from an actual skull bought at the Natural History Museum: NY

Cracked open Geo Stones

 " I try to emphasize how beauty is all around us and try to add my own little touch to it. Most of the time it's getting a piece of a coral branch making a mold and adding an ear hook. I am always collaborating nature into art."

Ring cast from an original tree branch, done in a wax mold then set for the ring

All of her pieces are one of a kind. You can order from her website each piece similar but not exactly the same which makes customers feel it can't be duplicated which is a plus in this market. What is also special about Sarah's line is that she bases "what's next" from current sales, if she sees a trend in sales towards particular items she will try to use similar styles when making new items.
One of Sarah's Favorite bangles
 Sarah also works in her studio in Tribeca and in the Diamond District in NYC, she is the main designer and started making everything by hand and now has a team consisting of 5 others for her ever growing company.

Want to see the interview? Check back later this week for our fun fill in the blank interview and get to know the person behind the designer Sarah Richey!