Chocolate Lover, Nature Inspired

So what are some things that you don't know about jewelry designer Sarah Richey? Here is our fun interview:

Sarah Richey in her studio in Tribeca NY

1. When I get dressed in the morningI mostly want to wear my sweats. So, to get my day going I feel like I need to dress up. I find the more confident I feel in my clothing, the more energetic I am. I also can't wear heels because I jet back and forth to the diamond district; I need to find shoes that are sophisticated yet comfortable.

2. The clothing item I'm currently wearing the most is...My Helmet Lang black fleece jacket. I love anything Helmut Lang!

3. The most meaningful piece of jewelry I own is...I would have to say one of my first cuffs I made. I use alot of different minerals, fossils, and stones so when I find one thats extra unqiue I keep it. This one stone is so unique, that you can see the crystal intricate and beautiful. I wear this cuff all the time. (Black Druzy crystal Luida cuff bracelet: the designer bases jewelry names from her southern Nashville family going back to her great grandmother)

4. When I'm looking to get inspired I…This is a tricky one because there are moments when I get stuck as a designer. Sometimes I'll dream up a design and I'll wake up and sketch it. Sometimes when I'm stuck I'll go to The Natural History Museum since a lot of my line is nature based. Central park is a great place for inspiration and just getting out a bit.

6. My guilty pleasure is…Chocolate!!! I am mad crazy for dark chocolate, my tolerance has gotten so high with it! There are moments when I like Kate Bush as well...she is an artist from the 80's her music is great but its very bizarre-her vocal chords are insane. Truly amazing. But you cant just listen to her with just anyone or anywhere. Its an acquired taste.
7. If you looked in my handbag you'd always findlip something gloss or plumper. I am obsessed with Too Face Lip Injection- it tingles but man it does the trick!
8. I can't start my morning without My protein shake
1 scoop Whey chocolate protein mix
1 cup Almond milk
A handful of cashews (5-6)
Scoop of natural organic PB
1 Banana

9. My current favorite song is... By a new group: "Banks", there's a song originally written by Peter Gabriel, "In Your Eyes" they covered it and she does a phenomenal job!

10. On a typical Saturday night…. I try to check out what NY has to offer, there are so many new bars and restaurants. My boyfriend and I will cook during the week and Saturday night we'll go out to a new place...Mr. Chow is one of our favorites when we are in the mood for fancy Chinese food!

11. The city with the best shopping is…NYC, no question. Its got everything and anything your looking for. Kimono? China town. Leather jacket with a skull on it? Head to St Marks place... 
12. The one store where I'm always guaranteed to find something I want is….Zara, most definitely!
13. The best style tip I ever gotMy grandmother always told me to put your makeup on and nice clothes, because you never know who's gonna see you! I know it sounds silly but it's true you have no idea who you'll run into. Lets say you're out and about and you run into your ex should always look your best!

14. I love New York becauseThere is constant inspiration. I'm so inspired, NY is a melting pot with different religions, foods, and different cultures you learn so much from living here: people skills, fashion sense it's a really exhilarating place

15. My biggest jewelry pet peeve is…Base metal that turns your fingers green or ear holes black! My jewelry is purely made from pure silver so it does not tarnish.

16. When I want to relax I… Love massages! I'll try to go to the beach or if I can't do that I either take a warm bubble bath or get a massages; there's a great place called the Great Jones Spa in the city. 

17. I wouldn't be caught dead ...Wearing the glasses with no glass inside the ones that are just the frames! I don't understand that...Or being a raging bitch to anyone, I can't do that, I am a true southern girl at heart and can't pick a fight with anyone.

Well, now you know a little bit more about Sarah Richey and what make her uniquely her! Be sure to check out her website (here), her instagram (sarahricheyjewelry) and twitter page (SR_Jewelry) and keep her in mind when you need that one of a kind, must have, fabulous piece!