Wow! Yesterday I hit 500 posts and I can't believe what a journey this has been! I started Fashinny (my very first post) after leaving the fashion design world in pursue of another career. While I was thrilled with my choice, I always missed the creativity of my previous life. Keeping up with Fashinny was my way of doing what I love but keeping my passion alive!
I have put my heart and soul into each and every post, have loved connecting with designers and PR companies, meeting new people and going to Fashion events throughout the city. I am looking forward to the new chapter of Fashinny as I continue to cover fashion through the eyes of a NY fashionista!

As part of this new chapter I would love your feedback! What would you like to see featured on a regular basis? I have a couple ideas in the works but I would love to hear from you- my readers because you keep me going!!
Cheers to another 500!