Weekender Style

I have a few weekenders coming up and I always attempt to shove as much as I can into my small duffel bag so it looks like I travel light. In actuality, I am just a really good packer filling every nook and cranny with all the extras.

My weekend duffel, a birthday gift from my mom
What are the tricks? Light clothing- dresses and chiffon tops are super easy to roll and pack so I tend to get a whole bunch in and then I have options when vacationing.

1.Deux Lux Luka Weekender $145
2.Duex Lux Georgie Weekender $160
3.Marc by Marc Jacobs Preppy Weekender Bag $378
4.Duex Luc Raleigh Weekender $155
5.DVF Orange Modern Tile Weekender $65
 How do you weekend?