Lovy Lady Domination

Sick and tired of the NYC summer heat? Escape it, stay cool and become a Lovy Lady at the same time! Throughout next week (July 29-August 1), ML Jewels will be taking over NYC in the coolest way. Lovy Ladies will be stationed in 7 locations around NYC handing out personalized hand fans for you to keep with you for those unbearable days (and for the subway sweats). They will be uploading their locations as they arrive to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter so keep an eye on @MelissaLovy so you can come by, show your support and beat the heat! #LovyLadyDomination

Use this map below to help you plot their destination as they arrive and make sure you upload a picture of your fan #LovyLadyDomination

For more on Melissa Lovy jewels check out my previous post seen here, and here and make sure you check out her website Melissa Lovy.