Hot Brazil!

 The who wore it better beach edition is never fun when you find yourself comparing yourself to the girl on the lounge chair next to you. With so many commercial bathing suit companies, the likeliness that you will sport the same suit as someone else on the beach is bound to happen.

Introducing HAUTEmele a luxury bathing suit that understands a woman's body and needs. HAUTEmele is the creation of Emily, a Long Island bred graduate of FIT. Emily currently resides in NYC but upon many visits to Brazil, she was inspired by the confidence of the women on the beach and their abilty to don a bikini at any given moment. HAUTEmele is manufactured in Brazil using a special mix of fabrics that lends to a soft, easy wearable bikini. With endless patterns and styles, these bikinis are sure to be a hit on the shores this Summer.

Emily (Owner and designer of HAUTEmele) and myself at the launch party
Last week, I got a special sneak peek at the fabulous line set up at the top of The Greenwich Club in the heart of the Financial District. The bikinis are phenomenal made from the highest grade of lycra on a classic brazilian cut, adorned with exotic elements such as Tilapia skin and leather. Unique, yes! Innovative, yes! Fabulous, yes! Head over to HAUTEmele and purchase yours today!

HAUTEmele swimwear ranges from $75-$175 per set and is available for purchase on their website.