Pretty Peplums

Hello everyone! We're Barbara and Steve from the blog Fashion Wolves. We're just starting out on our project together, but our goal is to provide fashion tips and tricks for men and women of all shapes and sizes. Today, the lovely Sara Jessica let us come here on her blog to share with you ladies nine tips on how to successfully wear a peplum. 

We're pretty sure all of you fashionistas out there are well informed and know exactly what a peplum is, but just in case you need a reminder, a peplum is just a short overskirt, generally cut as a circle skirt to add movement and volume. Here's how to wear it:

 Peplums can add volume to your mid-section and/or hips. That's clearly a problem area for a vast number of women... Should women who don't exactly look like a model not wear the peplum trend at all? No! Much on the contrary - anyone can rock a peplum! A perfectly placed peplum can hide that little extra tummy and even make your waist look a lot smaller. It's all about placement! Try as many different outfits as you possibly can and see what you prefer.

 Ottoman Peplum Dress $26.99
 If you need to emphasize your waist, chose a peplum that starts bellow the smallest part of your torso and add a belt, preferably of a color that is darker than the rest of your outfit and make it a wide belt rather than a skinny one if possible. You'll be drawing attention to your smallest part because you're wearing an accessory there and you'll be slimming it down due to the visual effect of a darker color. There - instant hourglass figure! You're welcome.

If your problem area is your belly, search for a 
peplum that starts a little higher up and that is a little longer,  covering most of what you want to conceal. The volume of the extra peplum fabric won't let any lumps or bumps show, and tricks the eye into thinking that the extra volume is from the fabric. Generally you'll find longer peplums when you pick a top with a peplum instead of a dress or a skirt with this feature.

Alice&Olivia: Natasha Peplum Skirt $198
Wide hips? No problem! Wear a softer fabric that creates the effect without the stiffness of the overskirt or go for a really short peplum on a knee lenght skirt so the volume is above your hips and thus not widening them.

- Opt for peplum skirts instead of dresses or tops.
 -Wear a lighter top and a darker bottom.

Make sure the rest of your outfit is fitted. This will make sure you don't look bigger than you really are. Pencil skirts are the perfect solution, as well as more fitted tops. Keep your look monochromatic and it will make you look taller!

If all else fails... Wear what you love, whenever and however you want to wear it. Other people have the option of looking away if they don't like it! But they won't be able to, you know why? Because there is nothing more beautiful than a woman who is confident and comfortable with her fashion choices and isn't afraid to be a little daring! Like my grandma used to say "Let them look, sweetheart! All pretty things were made to be looked at."

Have you worn this trend before? Are you looking forward to now that you know exactly how to rock it? Let us know and please pay us a visit at Fashion Wolves.

Love, Barbara and Steve