Jewelry With A Cause

Molly Roberts is fifteen year old jewelry designer living in NY-when I came across her story on the NY1 news the other night, I was immediately touched by her ability to touch millions of lives at such a young age. Jewelry by Molly Roberts was created by Molly to help raise money to find a cure for Chron's disease, a disease that affects the designer as well as approximately 1.4 million Americans, (many of them children). Since starting Molly's Jewelry, Molly has formed "Molly's Research Fund" at Mt. Sinai NY Hospital Research Center and joined forces with the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America. So far, she's raised and donated $25,000.

The bracelets are all hand-made by Molly, using semi-precious and precious stones.    
“I started making jewelry during my first summer of sleep away camp,” Roberts said. “I did it for fun, and a couple of years ago, my friends began admiring the bracelets that I wore.” 
Her friends’ interest in her work gave her the idea to turn her hobby into charity work.

Every purchase brings the foundation closer to finding a cure, to donate to a great cause please visit Molly's website: Jewelry by Molly Roberts and purchase yours today!