Be The Change

In this day and age being "green" is on the rise. Designers, architects, farmers and other trades and making changes to positively effect the Earth. I always love when I happen upon a company with great values and an interest in supporting our earth. A few weeks back I was introduced to Nashelle Jewelry, a company committed to using recycled precious metals and natural gemstones. Not only are the committed to using recycled materials, Nashelle Jewelry is made in the U.S.A and supports the local community.

"Be The Change" Ring, support a cause; proceeds from sales go to F.A.N., a non-profit organization that strives to keep shoes, clothing, glasses and other basic needs on our local children that are less fortunate.

One of my personal favorite accessories, I wear it all the time! 32" Bold Heart Identoty necklace, silver $150

                                                           For more information on Nashelle Jewelry's mission visit their  website.