Welcome to La La Land: Guest Blogger

I'm Nermissa from the blog Welcome to La La Land. I'm a blogger from Sarajevo Bosnia. I write about fashion, life style, and travel. I shop way too much, I own way too many shoes, and travel often.

When I got a chance to collaborate with SJ I couldn't be more excited.
I love shoes and with spring here and summer just around the corner I decided to share few of my favourites that I can't live without. Heels are my go to for any and every occasion but the older I get the more flats I own! Every place from Top Shop to Aldo to Towns shoes, carries new amazing styles of sandals to make your heart melt. Here is a peek into my own closet!
(left to right: Urban Outfitters, Steve Madden, vintage boots)
Boots are not just for winter, they are for Summer. Coachella is prime example that boots are a Spring/Summer necessity with shorts and dresses.
{Left to right: H&M, Spring, Steve Madden, J.Michaels, Spring}
Heels are any girls best friend.  I wear black A LOT but brown and neutral shoes go with everything!

{top to bottom: Converse, Aldo, Jimmy Cho, American Eagle}
Life gets busy and flats are a cute alternative to heels. They work with anything from jeans to dresses.
I buy shoes anywhere ... Town shoe, Winners, Top Shop,  Macy's , Bergdorf's... if the shoe fits!  Everyone has their favourite go to shoes, I've showed you shoes I wear all the time. Finding key colours and having versatility makes things simple when it comes packing and every day life.

What are the shoes you cant live without?

Thank you SJ for having me. Its been a pleasure.