Style Spotlight: Toya's Tales

Hey all! I am happy to introduce to you a style spotlight, a few weeks ago I was featured on 
Toyas Tales (How I Rock It ) and I decided it would be fun to return the favor Featuring LaToya for a style spotlight! Like it? Love it? Want more? Submit a comment below telling me what you think...I might even feature you!! 

Name: LaToya 

Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
 Personal Style: I named my personal style sense " Global Ladylike Glam". I prefer for my outfits to have a rough polish to them. I grew up in a very conservative and traditional household. My mother always drilled in me the importance of being a proper lady, but as soon as she wasn't looking I would tweak my outfits to my heart's desire.I prefer to wear dresses because they take the guess work out of getting dressed in the morning, and dresses tend to flatter my hour glass figure the most. I have a profound love of art and try to make sure there is some artistic qualities on display in my everyday style choices. I am also heavily influenced by ethnic and tribal cultures from around the world, and love to translate that feel through accessories and an occasional tribal print. I am a woman who loves glitz, glam, and baubles. I have a particular weakness for costume jewelry. When it comes to jewels my motto is " The Bigger, the Gaudier, The Better"!

" Global Glam - Wild At Heart" by LaToya at
Fashion Influences: I'm pretty sure we would run out of space if I listed all of my fashion influences and style mavens that I adore, but I will condense it down to a few that I am currently feeling right now. All I can say is Dita...Dita...Dita! I have been obsessed with Dita Von Teese since she first hit the burlesque scene. Two of my favorite style decades is the 1940's and 1950's. Dita knows how to work that vintage and pin-up style like no other. Waking up in heaven for me is being able to lock myself up in her closet and throwing away the key! I love how Solange Knowles and June Ambrose showcase global style and work them in a visually stimulating way. Their looks are always bold, colorful, and they are not afraid of prints. Another It-Girl on my style radar is Chloe Sevigny. Chloe is fearless and will take risk. No matter how I feel about the end result I am always left feeling intrigued by her. When she gets it right no one can compare. And last but not least, the great Coco Chanel. She knew how to make costume jewelry look chic and expensive. She would pile it on, brooches, rings, necklaces, and still look pulled together.

Global Ladylike Glam
"Into the Woods" by LaToya at

 " Toya's Tales Style Diary - My Formula For A Good Jeans Day " by LaToya at .
" My Style - Don't Go with The Flow" by LaToya at

" My Style - High Culture " by LaToya at

" My Style - Attitude is Everything" by LaToya at

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