Five Things!

 On Friday I was tagged by the lovely Nermissa from Welcome To La La Land to be the next Fashion Blogger to complete a "five things about me" post (see hers here). The world of fashion blogging is such an interesting place because we all have out own stories...What's part of mine? Check out my five below!

1. I am a teacher by day...I started in Fashion upon graduating from the Fashion Institute of NYC but since then I have made the switch-over into being a teacher. I keep up with the Fashion world via my blog and love working on it as an outlet of self expression. So...Teacher by day, blogger by night!

This one works!!
2. I am 5'10 but still love my heels. I cap out at about 4 inches which makes me over 6 feet in heels, but I don't mind...Can't give them up!!

The beautiful and inspirational Norma Kamali
3. I interned for Norma Kamali when I was a student. She is such an amazing women and treated everyone she met with such respect. The interns would sit around a large table, eat lunch with Norma and hear stories about what it was like to grow up in NYC and all the things that inspire her (vintage mainly!!).

4. I worked in PR for a year. I was still a bit shy at that point, it took a while to get used to making so many calls a day but I got the hang of it and loved making connections in that world.

Wandering the streets of NY
 5. I love walking around NYC and finding things that are "old NY". I love the history intertwined with this City and exploring all that is available here!

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