Deepa Gurnani: Sneak Peak

Born in India, Deepa Gurnani has a flair for color, jewels and sparkles. After studying fashion at the Central St. Martins College of Art and Design in London, Deepa teamed up with jewelry designer Jay Lakhani and launched her line of embroidered/beaded headbands. Her small line kept growing as she added more accessories to the line. After starting with headbands she introduced belts and scarves using the same beaded and embroidery as her headband collection. Since then she has added beaded clutches and jewelry to the ever growing collection. Her inspiration comes from her trips to India and can be seen in the color as well as the intricate designs and details woven into each piece.

As with everything in Fashion, the industry works a season ahead so check below for an exclusive peek into Fall 2013 with Deepa Gurnani. Feast your eyes on this set of eclectic and colorful line of accessories!

With so many colors and styles, I have a hard time picking a favorite! What are your thoughts?