The Weekender: East Coast/West Coast

Thankfully there was some sun out in NYC this weekend and I was able to take advantage of the weekend by heading to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens for some relaxation. While it was a lovely weekend here, I was dreaming of Coachella and wishing I was on the West coast for the weekend!

Beautiful Cherry Blossoms: Brooklyn Botanical Garden
The sun was shining bright through the weekend at Coachella and as a fashionista there is nothing I love more than roaming the internet for fashion shots of the festival! Here are some fabulous shots of the music-loving, free-wheeling, party-chic girls in a range of chic printed rompers, bold-hued dresses, and of course, cutoff shorts and ankle boots. Not at the festival? Me neither...but you can easily translate some of these amazing outfits into your own Spring/Summer wardrobe.