Nails by Tsche

I am happy to have my first Guest Blogger, welcome Tsche from the lifestyle blog Flirting With My Isms! Tsche is no stranger to the fashion world and I thought it would be great to feature her take on Spring/Summer trends for nails.

The world of nail polish, nail art, nail embellishment has graduated into conversation starters, statement messages and has become an unconventional accessory.  The colors for Spring/Summer 2013 resemble jewel tones, pastels, sparkles, and neon colors.  There are so many variations for nails, uniformity is no longer followed.  These masterpieces are really creating a fashion buzz and the more variations, style and uniqueness the more attention your fingers and hands will receive.

Cosmetic companies like Revlon, Milani, Sinful Colors Professional and Wet n Wild have really paid attention to the demand of the nail industry.  The colors at all major retail stores are so reflective of a nail shop due to the number of selections.  These companies have also made it so convenient for women to change their nail colors frequently through the availability of fashionable slim tubes that could be mistaken for lip gloss.  These ensembles are easy to travel with and offer variations with colors that can be worn together or separately.  I was surprise with one commonality that they all had, quick drying.  The average cost for nail supplies are from $1.80 -$8.70.

                                                                                                               Shine on! XO
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