Atomic Pocket Shop

Love in the time of the internet...I happened upon Atomic Pocket Shop via Instagram and immediately fell in love with the cute and eclectic collection of jewels they have to offer. I hooked up with the owner Renee who is a fabulous Aussie with a growing collection of accessories and a big wish to visit NY.

Name: Renee 
Location: Australia, specifically a city called the Gold Coast
How did you get started selling accessories? I have always loved accessories and have always had far too many accessories that is sensible for one person to have! I figured if I could get into selling them, then when I purchase them for the business I can keep one of everything I buy and justify having so many! 
How did you come up with the name Atomic Pocket Shop? I came up with the name a few years ago when I was thinking of opening a store selling accessories and clothing. Since that is a big dream of mine I decided to start smaller and get a few accessories to sell with a hope that the company will skyrocket from here. One can have dreams!!Atomic Pocket Shop came about because I wanted something punchy and cute, this came to me as I was falling asleep one night. I love it! It's a great fit for me and my personality! 

Collecting accessories isn't Renee's only hobby, she is currently on a 30 day kick of cooking new items every night! With an eye for fashion and a great hand in the kitchen, this gal can handle it all (as long as she's got her accessories on!) Visit her facebook page Atomic Pocket Shop (become a fan- she offers special fan incentives) for updates on the ever-growing collection and keep checking back for how I stack her goods!