Bachelorette Closet

For the past few weeks I have been addicted to watching the bachelorette, the good: Arie, Sean, Jef, the bad: Ryan and the ugly: Kalon. But more than the drama, tears and man fights was the fashion paraded around by none other than the bachelorette herself. Emily had a 350,000 dollar budget and for any girl that would be enough to sign on to any reality show. For Emily, that 350k afforded her a 1,045 dollar pair of Louboutins and a 40,000 dollar Randi Rahm dress. Besides from those splurges, 80 outfits were put together using brands such as Haute Hippe, Alive and Olivia and Love Token a great knitwear line. Looking for more? Keep checking throughout the week for my fashion highlights of the season!