Recycle Me

Before throwing those old magazines you had for months, think twice and start wearing them. CEO of Cha-Lo, Chavia Logan, has been creating one of a kind pieces using old magazines, paper, and things you see laying around the house. Logan recently launched an eco-friendly line, Eco-Lo, using natural elements and recycled products to produce these stylish “Go Green” pieces. 

Logan has been passionate about jewelry and design for as long as she can remember. Unlike some parents today, her mother constantly encouraged the arts; leaving no surprise to making this her career rather than just a hobby. Logan believes trends are fun, but sometimes you have to stand out and march to the beat of your own drum. 

Cha-Lo has grown tremendously as being seen on Mob Wives, Basketball Wives and Jersey Shore. Being able to turn old things into fashion forward pieces is Cha-Lo’s way of protecting the environment and staying trendy. 

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