DIY Braided Tee

XL seamless Cotton Jersey T-shirt
Fabric Scissors

1. Cut 1/2-2 inch strips along the width of the T creating loops. 
2. Gently tug along the length oft he strips to curl the edges under, make sure to stretch each loop out evenly. 

3. Cut through one end of the fabric to create long strands instead of circular loops. 
4. Put one strand to the side (this will be used to secure the braid towards the end)

5. Find a object to hold the fabric down tight.
6. Divide the strands into 3 equal sections. 

7. Braid down the length of the fabric leaving about a foot of fabric unbraided at the bottom. 

8. Once the braid is complete, gently remove it from the anchor and tie the two ends of the braid together with the strand you saved earlier. 
9. Wrap it around several times and double knot it to secure the end. 

10. Feather out the strands and cut random pieces to create a layered effect.