Fashion Resolutions

                 There is nothing wrong with making some resolutions that you know you can stick to...

1. Be thrifty: it's ok not to have a closet full of designer clothing, mix it up by hitting your local thrift stores. Try these out to buy, sell or trade: Buffalo Exchange & Beacons Closet. I frequently gather some clothing that is in good condition and still stylish to trade in for other goods!

2. Clean out & organize: I spent New Year's day cleaning out my closets something that has been on my 'to do' list for the past few weeks. What better way to start a fresh new fashionable year than by knowing what you have and knowing what you need.

3. Try something new: No one likes to be stuck in a fashion rut. Challenge your wardrobe...go for the unassuming. Add color, texture and patterns and make it your own.

4. Go Glam: Every girl likes having a reason to get dressed up whether it be a party, a date or a family gathering...but you don't need a reason to dress up! Go ahead throw on that party dress for a fabulous pick-me-up and give those around you something to talk about!