Items of Love

Some items I can't get enough of this week...

I am always on the scavenger for pieces of jewelry that have the magic to transform and entire outfit. I found this necklace at Loehmann's last week and for the price tag of $1, it was a steal (even the lady at the register was shocked).

This week I have been toying with different color glitter on my nails. Last week I managed to give myself a black sparkle manicure with silver French tips (and of course chipped it before I took  picture).
 I found this Rose sparkle in my travels and can't wait to try it out (and hopefully I will get a picture pre-chip). 

'Tis the season...Pumpkin is in the air. Growing up I used to wait for October to hit and would make a mad dash for TCBY to stock up on as much Pumpkin Fro-Yo as I possibly could. Today I wandered down to the East Village and stopped by 16Handles to try out their limited flavor of the month; pumpkin. Verdict: I will be headed back as many times as I can this month!