Online Shopping

Irene has trapped many in their homes including myself but thankfully since I have power, my survival kit includes my laptop and an online shopping spree to tie me over. Through the past few years flash sales as well as exclusive sale websites have flooded the internet making it easy to find a great deal on clothing, beauty products and accessories. But before these websites were introduced to the web there was Bluefly making headlines for being the first of it's kind. Bluefly is an online discount website (think the best of Loehmann's and Century21 but better) with top designers such as Michael Kors shoes, Jimmy Choo, Christian Louboutin, Marc Jacobs and Rebecca Minkoff  to name a few. Bluefly is a great website for those who want top designer goods at 20-75 percent off and is an easy shop since it is categorized by designer as well as products.  Being stranded not only allows me a day of relaxtion (in my pajamas) but gives me plenty of time to shop the 'racks' at Bluefly, the Sun has come out and I can't be happier as I sit here saving money as I shop! Stay tuned for my top picks...Let the shopping begin, my credit card is ready!