Beautiful Mixture

It’s a good thing this Fall is all about statement jewelry because Après Ski  jewelry line by designer Lucia Vergara is certainly statement worthy. Après Ski is a Barcelona-based jewelry line made out of old vintage materials from the 40's and 80's. Vergara says that the bran's name and its reference to Winter sports is a metaphor for rewarding hard work " I love the gifts, treasures and prizes," she says.

From the bold and chunky geometric designs to the simpler, whimsical styles the materials are mixed together in such a unique fashion that each one is a statement within itself. It is safe to say that Vergara's line of jewelry has something for everyone.

1. Canis 36.00
 2. Carina 36.00

1. Pequena Flor de Nieve  37.00 
2. Sky Phenomenon 36.00