Shoe Lovers

A Sale to me means adding up what you would have spent subtracting what you are spending to find your savings and then buying more...Ok, I admit I was never good at math but I am good at convincing myself that buying more at sales is actually saving money.
This past Sunday I needed that mind tricking convincing technique as I shopped the sale at The Shoe Box. While they didn't have a large selection left (I went on the last day of the sale) I did manage to sneak away with two pairs of fabulous shoes that I can not wait to wear.

Vince Camuto Avo Pump $84

Delman The Trey $195 (online)

While the store had a limited selection, the online shop has a much wider array of shoes. Here are some of my picks under $105...Happy Shopping!


Vince Camuto Tania  $98                       Rosegold Lara Platform $72

Vince Camuto Quale Ankle Boot $104                Dani Black Stud Clog $80