The New Bohemian

Take a fresh twist on the Bohemian look by adding glam, glitter and rock to a colorful bright palette mixed with prints and texture. Are you hip enough to take the challenge? Here are some tips of what to look for in the stores!
                                   Happy shopping boho beauties!!

1. Blu Moon Bohemian Dress Blue/Purple $198
2. Anastasia Coral Cocktail Ring $46.95
3. Saachi by In Things Cartier Bangles $49 each
4. Delia's Taylor Jean Shorts $34.50
5. Topshop Nude Lace Trim Top $76
6. Fergie Pepper Gladiator Sandal $78
7. Melie Bianco Miley $99
8. Bee Charming Grey Leather Bracelet $60