All Hail the King of Fashion Photograpy

Yesterday I headed over with a few friends to the Film Forum to see Bill Cunningham New York, a film about the man who has been photographing New York Street style for decades. Bill is a fabulous man with an eye like no one else. His talent supersedes that of Fashion photographers in that he finds fashion in his travels through the city (here is a link to a previous post Skirting). Whether it's on the corner of 57th street and 5th avenue or at a Gala, Bill has a way of connecting the Fashion world through a series of stunningly real photographs. He is not interested in the celebrity aspect of the Fashion World but the real women and men who take real fashion to the streets of Manhattan.
He brings the age old question whether New York dictates fashion or if New York is dictated by fashion to the forefront. We might never know the answer to that question but while it is being contemplated take a moment and reflect on the beauty that is New York as portrayed through his set of photos.

Bill Cunningham New York is playing through Tuesday March 29th at the Film Forum in NYC.
For more on Bill check out the Sunday Style section for his weekly NY fashion pics as well as his On The Street narrated videos.