Clog Boom!

A blogger without a computer is just a girl with plenty of ideas running through her head but luckily my computer was fixed and returned just before my head started to burst. And, what better time than Fashion Week...The gods of fashion must have been working their magic!

This past weekend I popped by the tents to experience the culture surrounding Fashion Week NYC and got to see a lot of the fashion trends on the walk way to the tents.

Interviews at Lincoln Center

                                 What's big?
Over-sized fur coats, clogs, heels with socks, leggings, animal print and grey.

                                           Clog Boom: Get ahead of the game!

Forever 21 Platform Clog Ankle Boots $32.80
Vince Camuto Canasta Oxford $63.90
Steve Madden Warren Clog $69.99
Jeffrey Campbell Solvang $144.95Add caption