The World Is A Runway

My favorite thing about going out in New York City on a random weeknight is that everyone is always dressed in their best with one foot up on the fashion scene. Some find it hard to keep up in a City that is so stylish but I find it inspirational.
Last night I was at SD26 at a private viewing of the Bachelor hosted by one of this seasons contestants. In a sea full of cocktail dresses I noticed a girl in the corner wearing a lace cardigan. To say I fell in love with it immediately would actually be an understatement considering I wanted to offer her any price just so I could walk away with it that night. Needless to say, I kept my mouth shut and did a little research of my own the second I walked through my door... I am proud to say this cardigan will be in my closet tomorrow!
Forever 21 Floral Lace Cardigan $17.80

Get the full look:

Vince Heathered Favorite Tank $48
Aros Lombardini Belt $79
Diane Von Furstenberg Casual Pant $240
Amrita Singh Adreena Bangle Set $100
Bita Pourtavoosi Onyx Chunk Ring $63