Rules for Twenty Eleven

New Year, fresh start! Here are some guidelines to ensure a more fashionable 2011
1. Edit. See what you have and make it work! If you have not worn something in the past year, toss it. 
2. See what you are missing. Make sure your closet has the basics: dress pants, a blazer, a classic white blouse, a trench coat,  little black dress

e. Anna Molinari Wool-Blend Dress $187

3. Buy what you absolutely love. If you unsure if the store you will be unsure once you get home. Put it back on the shelf and walk away!
4. Know what styles work for you. This is the most important dressing guideline, you can spend a million dollars on the perfect dress but if it is ill fit for your body it will look cheap. 
5. Make it work. Before you buy something, think about what you already own. I am all for mixing and matching...the more combinations the more use you get out of your clothing!

Own your look, love your style, be confident, happy 2011!!