Handmade Goods

While I love heading into a retail store and shopping for the latest items, I also love the creativity and uniqueness about handmade goods. Here are some crafty favorites from Etsy...

Sterling and Gold Heart Necklace

Sterling and Gold Heart Necklace $35

Free Shipping Hand Patina Locket with Ox over Brass Swallow Sparrow
Hand Patina Locket $25

Branch lariat and calla lily flower 14k gold necklace
Branch Lariat and Calla Lily Necklace $23.50

Velouria - crystal, pearl, and silver necklace - holiday sale
Velouria Crystal Pearl & Silver Necklace $62

Branch and Leaves Antique Bronze Brass Bracelet with Bronze Pearls
Branch and Leaves Antique Bronze Brass Bracelet $13.95

Ritzy Misfit Wax Seal Pendant GOLD colored letter of your choice monogrammed initial WITH chain a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z
Ritzy Misfit Wax Seal Pendant $30

Hand Painted Teapot
Hand Painted Teapot $60

the retreat coaster
The Retreat Coaster $15