Stripes and Slouch

The last few days I have been all about comfort: skinny jeans or leggings, laid-back shoes and a flowy tops that are easy to throw on. I love this look because first of all, these tops hide extra bulk from the Holiday season and allow you to go for that extra piece of chocolate pie. And, it's simple yet stylish and it takes two minutes to get dressed (what every girl wishes for). Add a long chain necklace and you are good to go! Style made simple!

1. Topshop Basic Sparkle Sweat $50
2. Marilyn Schiff 12 Strand Thin Chain Necklace $45
3. Velvet by Spencer  Graham Maldives Stripe Tee $92
4. Splendid Stripe V-Neck Top $74
5. Bijoux Bijoux Clock Pendant
6. Rachel Allegra Contrast Silk T-Shirt $225