Furry Linings

Standing on a street corner freezing and miserable is a combination that makes it impossible to find the silver lining underneath all the shivers but, you can alleviate some of the bone chilling feelings with some furry linings!
Just when the Winter days have got you down, cheer yourself up while keeping warm with some of these cute winter wears!
Juicy Couture Sarabeth Boot $99.95

I just got these as a gift for Hannukah...I was actually buying them for myself but since I am "hard to shop for" or what they call "picky" my mom swiped them before I could reach the register! I can't wait to pull them out and wear them in the Wintery mess of NYC!

Plush Ultra-Warm Fleece Lined Leggings
Pulse Ultra Warm Fleece Lined Leggings $59

While I have always been skeptical of the fleece lined leggings due to fear of extra added bulk, a friend of mine dispelled this fear by gushing about these leggings. It is on top of my "to get" list!

A&E Cable Knit Loop Scarf $34.50

Besides for the thrill of owning a table at The Market my favorite part is observing the fashions that parade around on the customers. Being that The Market is located on Mulberry Street, it attracts N.Y's trendiest as well as tourists from all over the world! This weekend was glum due to the drab weather that we experienced however, over the coats I noticed a number of customers wrapped in the loop scarf or the cowl neck. There was even a vendor selling them at a booth.
 I might have to take up knitting...Just in case I don't have enough on my plate!

Stock up...Keep warm!