Take a Bow!

kate moss
Years ago when I worked in Fashion we used to get shipments from Topshop which at the time was only located in London. Fast Forward a couple of years, Kate Moss started collaborating with Topshop and after that NY was lucky to get in on the action via their Soho store.
Launched in April 2007, Kate Moss for Topshop has been a huge hit. Her first line hit NY before the opening of  the actual Topshop store retailing at Barney's. To say there was a mad rush wouldn't even explain the madness that hit NY...(Think more along the lines of a Chanel sample sale)! Kate Moss for Topshop proved to be such a hit that she has been collaborating alongside Topshop for the past few seasons but, like they say, all good things must come to an end.
This winter marks the last collaboration between Kate Moss and Topshop. So, whether you are in London, New York or have to online shop make sure you check out her final mainline collection as well as 70's inspired looks, luxurious limited edition evening dresses, and girlie lingerie. In addition to her mainline collection Topshop will be offering 10 sell out pieces from her previous 14 collections and Kate has designed a debut jewelry collection including vintage-inspired pieces.