If Vintage Could Speak

Today I pulled out an old sweater from my closet that I have had since College yet it has a story longer than that. I bought it while browsing at a flea market one Sunday afternoon for the hefty price of $3! It has since become my favorite sweater, I even turned up an offer to sell it for $100. It's interesting to think that every garment of clothing has a  story behind it. I might be the only one that wonders this but, I often think about the story of my sweater before it was mine. Was it a gift? Was it worn somewhere special? It would be amazing if vintage clothing came with a "where I have been" tag to help you track the story of your garment.
With all that wondering...If I were to pass my sweater on now it would come with a tag that read " bought for $3 dollars, lived in New York and New Jersey, traveled to the Poconos, Pennsylvania, Miami, Colorado, Utah and California, visited the Metropolitan Museum, has been subjected to a few first dates, worn by friends and family" but sorry....it will never be passed on! This one is mine to keep!