Top 10

    Top 10 Fashion Favorites

Q1: Favorite eBay Purchase?
A1: Hmm...I have two: A Gucci clutch that I bought in College... It has since been stolen by my sister and a pair of Durango Cowboy boots that I got for $9.99. I have been wearing them for the past 4 years!

Q2: Favorite celebrity style?
A2: Louise Roe: Fashion Journalist – I love the way she mixes pieces together flawlessly.

Q3: Favorite shoes?
A3: Toms. I will have a hard time storing them when winter comes.

Q4: Favorite designer?

A4: Rodarte: I love the unassuming fashion, the mix of fabrics, the silhouettes and the fact that it is sisters behind the label.

Q5: Favorite fashion icon?
A5: Audrey Hepburn – simple yet fabulous. I am currently reading 5th Avenue 5am, Audrey Hepburn, Breakfast at Tiffany's...She was amazingly simple and sophisticated.

Q6: Favorite style for fall?
A6: I am all about the blazer!

Q7: Favorite eBay search term?
A7: Anything Vintage.

Q8: Favorite secret style tip?
A8: I was just introduced to Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment in Berry. All three are fabulous but the Berry gives you that little bit of color in a natural way...and it tastes so good!!

Q9: Favorite fashion find?

A9:  Hard to choose one but I’d say my Charlotte Ronson black and white Blazer- a recent purchase from

Q10: Favorite accessory?
A10: My necklace. It's a very small diamond but it was passed down from my Great Grandmother. It was a ring and my Grandmother had it re-set for me into a necklace. I never take it off!